Since I’m currently taking a mini-vacation from children’s and young adult lit.–reading an ‘adult’ chick lit/romance novel recommended by and lent to me by a good friend–I thought I would do a post on a few of the books I’ve just recently marked as to-read on Goodreads. I don’t want the blog to feel neglected, and also, I’ve been trying to think of ways to write more regularly on here besides posting reviews. As I realize reviews can’t fill up a whole blog, unless I were an especially gifted speed-reader. It’s true I can pick up speed when I’m really invested in a story, but most times I like to savor my reads. So anyway, here I am, with this post today.

Little Red Riding Hood by The Brothers Grimm, illustrated by Daniel Egneus, published Feb. 1st 2011. Most of us have probably read this story at least once. But it’s the illustrations that are drawing me in here. A few days ago or so, I browsed inside on HarperCollins’ site, and I am officially hooked. From just the small amount revealed so far, this looks beautifully bizarre, original and utterly compelling. I can’t wait to read–see? it.

Firespell (Dark Elite #1) by Chloe Neill, published in Jan. 2010 by Signet. I discovered this one in a sort-of roundabout way, after glimpsing a positive review of the second book in the series (Hexbound) on a blog I’m fairly new to following: SupernaturalSnark. I was intrigued, mostly I think, by the cover. Secondly, by the word hex in the title. It called to mind Rachel Hawkins’ Hex Hall, which I enjoyed, and which similarly features paranormal elements and boarding school. So I decided to check out the first on Goodreads. I generally enjoy paranormals, especially with a spunky female protagonist, and I also happen to have a thing for boarding school tales. I’m pretty sure this comes from having grown up with Harry Potter. Hogwarts just rocks. Anyway, this one looks like a fun, dark time.

The True Meaning of Cleavage by Mariah Fredericks. This is an older one, published initially in 2003. But, how about that cover? I heard about this one over at readergirlz. It seems like a great contemporary about female friendship and loyalty, something I imagine is relevant to most all girls and women alike. I definitely like to mix and match with my fantasies and contemporaries. I usually crave a little bit of escapism after realism, and vice versa. This seems like it would be a nice accompaniment to a paranormal like Firespell actually.

Finally, Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher, which was published in 2009 and just recently awarded the Stonewall Children’s and Young Adult Literature Award. This one grabbed my attention on Yalsa’s The Hub, and held it because its content–the story of a transgendered teen–reminds me of the 1999 oscar-winning movie, Boys Don’t Cry, which I’d seen in college during a PSY of Men and Women class, and loved. This was posted on The Hub as a suggested read for Valentine’s, with the ending message: “Love is love.” Got to love that.

*I thought it would be easier, for me in general (and on the eyes) if I just linked to the books’ Goodreads summaries, instead of posting them all here. Check them out! And, happy reading :).

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